4th of July

Yesterday was the 4th of July.  I once read that back around the time of the Centennial, 1876, it was common for people to celebrate Independence by picking fights with their unliked neighbors by calling them British.  They also used to celebrate the fact that they themselves were not British.  Ever since reading that story (wherever it was that I read it) I have felt the need to celebrate Independence Day by saying, “hooray, we’re not British!”  I think everyone who has heard it is plenty sick of hearing it, yet I still do it.  So….

Hooray, we’re not British!

All four of us were home for the whole day yesterday.  We did some serious flaking in the morning and early afternoon.  It was nice to just be home together without running around like nuts for whatever reason.  For dinner we had a cookout.  Jen prepped everything and cooked almost everything, but I cooked the steaks (yay, I helped!) on the grill.  Jen picked up some really good stuff at McKinnon’s in Salem.  It was sooo good.  After dinner we piled into the family truckster and headed north to Dover, NH.  Why?  Because we wanted fireworks and all the towns near us seemed to have had their fireworks on the 3rd.  We got lost wandering around the town a little bit and eventually ended up in front of a bandstand watching a military band play funk tunes.  Weird, but good.  Then we swung around to the other side of the bandstand where there was a nice little park and watched the fireworks.  Perfect.

Since Dover is far away (about an hour) from home, and because fireworks require darkness, and because it’s Summer (thank goodness, it’s finally here) and it stays light out until almost 9:00, we didn’t get home until really late.  I am the only one who needed to get up this morning so I dove straight to bed.  I plugged my face into my CPAP machine and was asleep by quarter to midnight.  I woke up at 6:00.  There were three wake ups and my Apple Watch caught them all.  I got a little less than six hours of sleep total, with four being deep sleep.  That’s about the same as most nights.  The good news is I only had to take my mask off twice.  Progress.  Also, I didn’t snore at all.  I cannot overstate how glorious that is.

The 50/90 songwriting challenge kicked off yesterday as well (fiftyninety.fawmers.org) and I was able to sneak in a little work.  There are three ideas underway.  None of them are terribly inspiring.  One will probably be a strummy acoustic 12-string thingie.  Another is in 7/8 with a little electric piano part.  Nothing special.  I hope to make more progress tonight.

I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July (where applicable), and I hope you got a good night’s sleep (where applicable), and I hope you spend the next couple of months writing music (where applicable).

And in closing… Hooray, we’re not British (where applicable)!

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