Did You Figure it Out?

Today is July 1st.  My unspoken self-challenge has ended.  What am I talking about?

In true uber-nerd fashion, on June 1st I challenged myself to make better use of this here blog thingie.  I told myself that I would try to actually write a post each day, rather than just post random pictures with mini-captions.  I was going to use the blog like I used to when I was starting out and not just as a personal Instagram the way I had been in recent months.  I was able to write something on most days.  Some of them look more like Instagrammies with longer than normal captions, but they count.  There were a few days with just pic posts.  That was okay.  The CPAP drama helped.

Speaking of CPAP drama, another slightly better than bad night’s sleep.  SleepWatch says I was under for 6:05, with 4:20 being restful.  I’ve been struggling to get that total over six hours.  It also says there were only two interruptions.  That’s a big change.  It’s also wrong, as there were technically more than that.  MyAir says I took the mask off six times.  I don’t remember that many though.  Maybe I took it off and put it back on without waking up?  Not likely.

I had one moment of major frustration.  I went to bed at 11:15.  My wife is away on a business trip so I had the bed to myself.  I wanted to be very careful about how I started off.  I put the mask on, made sure the seal was good, and lay down on my back in the middle of the bed with a couple of pillows propping up my head.  I was really comfy but I didn’t fall asleep right away.  Again, I think I kept myself awake by focusing on how I was breathing.  25 minutes later the mask came unsealed.  I once again threw a mini temper tantrum and anyone outside of the house would have heard me swearing at a loud volume.  I put the mask back on and fell right to sleep.  It came off again almost exactly one hour later.  After that, I remember it coming off once more, a couple of hours later, and that was it.  I actually needed my alarm clock to wake me up.  That doesn’t happen often for me.  I’m usually awake before it goes off.  So maybe last night was actually better than the numbers showed?  I still feel a little tired today, but no worse than any other day.  Here’s hoping it’s a sign of actual improvement.

I’m sitting here at work, eating my brown bag lunch, and I’m starting to get nervous.  I’m starting to worry.  The kids are flying home from vacation today and their plane is scheduled to depart in about half an hour.  Everything is going to be fine and everything is going to be fine and everything is going to be fine.  I just can’t help but be nervous.  If I were on the plane with them I wouldn’t be nervous at all, but I’m not so I am.  Safe flight, guys.

Band practice was okay last night.  Nothing of any real note.  I swapped a couple of dirt pedals before we started and I think I sounded really good (not that I’m an objective observer or anything) but I didn’t play very well.  My stamina is way down, and the calluses on my finger tips are pretty much gone.  I just over did it.  I spent about 90 minutes practicing on my own yesterday afternoon, and by the time rehearsal started I was already feeling pain and fatigue.  I did okay, but I should have put more time in between practicing and rehearsing.  My finger tips are still burning now.  I did sound pretty good though.

I am thinking about going to Guitar Center after work and picking up a Shure SM57 microphone to use for recording 50/90 demos.  I thought about stealing one from the band room last night, but I don’t want to mess with the recording setup I have.  I am in the habit of recording rehearsals into GarageBand now.  It doesn’t sound great, but it’s a zillion times better than recording with my iPhone and I don’t want to screw anything up by moving mics around.  SM57s are cheap.  I also want to get a mic cable and a boom stand, and a small speaker cable to use with the attenuator I ordered the other day.  My shipment has a tracking number, but it hasn’t made it to the post office yet.  Fingers crossed I don’t have to wait long.  I’m looking forward to cranking my Deluxe Reverb without shattering my skull.  That’ll be fun for recording.

I promise if I go to Guitar Center I will not test drive a new Les Paul Standard (the one with the 1950’s style neck) because once I play one of those beauties I am not going to be able to stop myself from buying one.  I pinky swear.

20 minutes left before the kids’ plane takes off.  I’ve got the flight aware page open and zoomed in on their location.  I should be home before they land.  I’m going to stress out the whole time, but I know they will be fine.

Get home safe, you two.

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