It’s Going to be a Bad Day

My sleep data is better than yesterday, though* it would have been hard to be worse.  I keep reading the data off of my Apple Watch, but I have less and less confidence in it’s accuracy every day.  Once again it said I was up for 90 minutes at one stretch last night and I most definitely was not.  I also fell asleep while Nana-Sitting last night and it didn’t catch that at all, though that could be down to the apnea.  When I had my last check in with the CPAP folks I told them I had doubts that the mask is the right one.  They told me to stick with it for a while and see if it got better.  Once again last night I had to pop it off about once per hour.  Nope, not getting better.  I do feel a little more alive today though, so there’s that at least.

I am about to leave for weight watchers.  I stepped on the bathroom scale.  I’m up.  Way up.  I’m still going to weigh in though.  I’m going to take it like a man (meaning I am going to cross my fingers and toes and eyes in the hopes that my bathroom scale is just wrong today).

It’s the weekend though.  We’ve got that going for us.

Happy weekend!


*I seem to have lost the ability to type the word “though”.  Any time I try it comes out as “thought”.  Don’t get old, kids.  Don’t do it.  Stay young forever.

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