I Have No Memory At All

Don’t get old, kids.  I hate it when I forget stuff, and the older I get the more I forget.

We were having a little Lizardfish group chat today.  The usual, are we practicing this weekend and what new stuff should we learn, discussion.  One of the guys put a bunch of youtube links into the thread.  They were all songs he wants to talk us into learning.

I swear I was planning on doing exactly the same thing.  There was a song that popped into my head the other day and I thought, we gotta play it!  I didn’t have a chance to send out a link, but I was going to.  Now that we’re all songs and links focused I can’t for the life of me remember what song I was thinking about.  I’m so annoyed.  I could blame it on poor sleep (see my previous post) but I don’t think that would be accurate.  I just forget.

What the hell was it?

Slight tangent.  Speaking of music, my gear acquisition syndrome is ramping up again.  50/90 is coming and my idiot brain is thinking of new toys that I could use during the process.  I saw an attenuator on reverb.com that looked promising.  Lots of good reviews and only $50.  I want to get another microphone.  A couple of years ago during RPM I was recording guitar parts in stereo (kind of, more like duel mono) by playing through two amps at once and recording onto two tracks.  I was running direct out of both amps though so I didn’t need mics.  This year i want to do the same only with speakers, and I only keep one mic at home.  All of my other mics are in use at band practice.  I am also thinking I might be in the market for a cheap acoustic guitar, preferably with some sort of pick up in it.  Just something to beat on at home that I can run a line out of into my computer.  I could record stereo (again, duel mono) by using a direct out and a mic.  I want to play my 12-string more this year, but I also want to play some six string.  We’ll see.

So many toys, so little time and money.  Wheeee!

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