Mentally Damaged Mosquito

Bugs.  Three of them.  Driving me nuts.

I’m working from home today.  There is a fly in the house.  One single fly.  What an asshole this guy is.  He’s flying in and out of every room and he’s buzzing LOUD.  I’ve been swinging that electric fly swatter at him.  I will feel no remorse when I electrocute this prick.  There was also a moth in the kitchen when I was putting the groceries away before work.  I kept swatting at him and kept missing.  Jerk.  I mean, I eventually got him, but he was distracting me from putting away my granola bars.  Prig.

The third bug was different.  It was a mosquito.  I think it was a severely mentally ill mosquito.  It wasn’t bothering me.  It wasn’t biting me.  It was bothering my Diet Pepsi bottle.  I may have been imagining things, or maybe just misunderstanding… but I’m pretty sure it was trying to bite the bottle.  I know Diet Pepsi is a decent cola drink, but couldn’t you go find a bottle of regular Coke to attack?  It’s the real thing after all.  Mr Damaged Mosquito is very dead now.  His end had nothing to do with a Pepsi bottle, unless you want to say he was distracted by it and therefore didn’t see me coming.

How’d I sleep last night?  Numbers wise it was comparable to Tuesday.  Six hours or so of sleep, a little more than four of restful sleep.  Once again, the CPAP mask kept waking me up.  Maybe once an hour.  I would be laying in bed, sound asleep, and I’d move my head the wrong way and the seal on my face would come loose somewhere near the side of my mouth, and I’d wake up.  I have yet to be able to fix it by just adjusting the mask.  Whatever I do it keeps leaking.  It happened enough to actually show up on the MyAir numbers.  The only way I can fix it is to take the whole thing off and put it back on.  I have to sit up when I do that, and because I’m 48 years old that means my bladder comes alive and I have to go to the bathroom.  I just want to go back to sleep but the mask won’t let me.  I nearly shut the whole thing off at one point but I thought better and put it all back on.

How do I feel today though?  Well on Monday morning I felt okay.  Not great.  I was feeling sleeping by the afternoon as usual, but not too bad.  Tuesday was the same.  Wednesday was different.  I was exhausted all day.  I clearly did not sleep as well as I did the previous two nights.  Today I feel more like the first two days.  I was yawning a little in the first hour or so after I got up, but after a shower and a trip to Market Basket I was better.  I’m not sure if it’s because of my sleep or the previously mentioned Diet Pepsi.  I don’t know.

More data points to come tomorrow.  I can see how excited you all are.

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