Disney Desperation

I want to go right now.

Last year when we were at Disney we were all jazzed up over the magic bands.  Magic bands are these little bracelet things that are essentially your ticket combined with a finger print protected access to your Disney account.  When you get to the park you swipe your magic band and you’re in.  When you want to schedule a fast pass you swipe your magic band and you’re set.

In this photo you can see my beloved wife’s magic band.

The other day we received a package from Disney that contained all of the passes and stuff we need for our upcoming trip.  It included our new 2019 magic bands.

Last summer my step son bought a really cool Star Wars themed magic band.  He was able to log into the Disney website and transfer his original 2018 magic band to the new Star Wars magic band.  Last night he tried to do that again for the upcoming trip but he couldn’t figure it out.  Our ticket package is a little different this year so he couldn’t follow the same steps.  My wife logged into her account and was able to figure it all out.  We are all able to link our personal Disney accounts (we all have one because nerds) to her account in order to access the new trip details.

I just went through the steps to link our accounts.

I’m ready.

I want to go right now.

Right now.


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