Side Effect of Dieting

I got back on the weight loss wagon back in early March.  Today I realized that my new behavior patterns could have negative side effects for other people.

When I was at my pig-out worst there were two fast food restaurants that I routinely visited.  One was a Burger King in Methuen, the other was a Burger King in Salem, NH.  Today I drove past the Burger King on route 28 in Salem and was stunned to see that it was gone!  Closed!  Out of Business!

It’s my fault!

I had no idea that I was eating so much fast food that I was single handedly keeping that place open.  Sure, I ate there regularly, but I didn’t think they were depending on me.  I’m so sorry to all of the employees who were let go because I stopped buying a #13, large with a coke, and two hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner six or seven times a week.

I’m not falling off the wagon though.  Even with going up a pound and a half today I am still down 30 pounds since March 9, 2019.  Saving the chicken fries from extinction is not enough to pull me out of this now.


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