Game Seven – Pregaming

Yesterday turned into a pretty bad day at work and it’s carrying over to today.  I need things to calm down so I can stop worrying about work and start worrying about game seven.

The Boston Bruins vs the St Louis Blues at TD Garden tonight at around 8:20ish.  Game Seven of the Stanley Cup final.  Winner take all.  All the marbles.  Eternal glory or suicidal depression.  It’s all on the line.  The heroic, majestic Bruins or the head hunting, slew footing, cheap shot-ing Blues.  It all comes down to tonight…

…and I’m terrified.

If it turns into a special teams match up the Bruins should win easy.  If it stays a five on five game… well… Tuukka Rask is going to have to be the hero again.

I’m doing everything I can to help.  Before game four we had a quick visit with my brother’s family.  The kids were all excited about the game but my brother called me out.  He said I wasn’t a true Bruins fan because I was still shaving.  Where was my playoff beard?  Haha, says I.  Then the Bruins lost games four and five.  When I woke up Sunday morning I was going through my morning routine and thought I needed a shave.  I was lazy though and I put it off for a day.  Then the Bruins won game six.  Well, there’s no way I’m shaving now!   I guess that means I have playoff stubble.  It’s really itchy and it’s driving me bat shit crazy, but I’m not shaving today no sir no way.

There’s also the t-shirt.  When the Bruins won the Eastern Conference final I ordered a couple of Bruins t-shirts in size super-fat-guy.  I figured I’d have them in a few days.  Nope, it took weeks.  I didn’t get them until after game five.  I was wearing one of them on Sunday while watching game six.  You bet your frozen pucks I’m going to be wearing it again tonight!  I’ve been waiting years to come across a lucky Bruins shirt!  Do I finally have one?  I think I do!

Obviously my stubble and my t-shirt won’t amount to much if they can’t continue hanging on against St Louis’ unbelievable forecheck, or if the continue with those weak ass attempts at clearing the D-zone, or if they keep trying those insane cross ice passes in front of the goal, or if they continue to try to make the cute play with one pass too many on the rush, or if Tuukka… nope, not saying anything about Tuukka.  Tuukka is the man.

I’m terrified but I’m also full of cautious optimism.  It’s game seven of the Stanley Cup Final.  I’m hoping for a Bruins win and I don’t care how they get it (though scoring 5-6 goals in the first period and cruising to an epic blow out would be nice).

Go Bruins!

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