I’m Scared

Game five.  Tonight.  Zdeno Chara broke his face.  Will he play?  Will the Bruins suck the way they did in game four?  Will the Blues suck the way they did in game three?

So many questions.  I’m afraid of the answers.  The path was so clear after game three.  The Bruins were dominate, the Blues were garbage, give us the cup.  Then game four reversed all of it.  The upside, and with Zdeno Chara’s broken face making his availability for tonight questionable who knows if this still applies, is that the Bruins were bad in game two and only lost by one goal in overtime.  They were worse in game four and only trailed by one goal when St Louis scored in an empty net late in the third.  Games one and three, we won with relative ease.

So Bruins good = dominate win.  Bruins bad = close game.  Maybe if they have another bad night they can steal a win.  I don’t know.  I’d much rather tonight and Sunday being convincing wins, maybe scoring 8-10 goals in the first period.  I’m tired of this stress crap.  I want it over now.

Speaking of Sunday, band practice.  I’m going to do some pedal board surgery… twice.

First, replace my beloved Keeley D&M Drive with the Klon KTR and the Fulltone OCD.  Halfway through practice I’ll swap the Klon KTR for the Wampler Tumnus.  I’ll record the whole practice, listen back the next day, and decide once and for all if the KTR is better than the Tumnus or the other way around.  Then what do I do with the stay at home board?  Do I put the D&M Drive on it straight away or do I try something different?  Maybe the loser of the KTR/Tumnus sweepstakes paired with the Keeley Super Phat Mod?  I just can’t bring myself to give up on that one yet.  Maybe pair it with the Tube Screamer Mini?  I just read a reddit post where folks were singing the praises of Klon/Tube Screamer pairs.  I don’t know.

Really… all this gear talk is just distracting me from my hockey panic.  Please, Bruins.  Get your shit together.  Please, Zdeno Chara, let your broken face not be too broken to play.  We need our shut down D-man on the penalty kill.

Go Bruins!

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