Crippling Depression

I’m currently suffering from the sports fan emotional roller coaster.

The Bruins won game one of the Stanley Cup Finals.  It was pretty even in the first period, with maybe St Louis having a bit of an edge.  After that it was all Bruins.  It was as if the Blues went home two periods early.  I was on cloud nine.  Hell, I was on clouds nine, ten, and eleven.  It was hockey bliss.

Then there was game two.  To my untrained eye, the Blues owned us for most of the game.  They still needed overtime to beat us (I didn’t see the game winning goal and I consider myself a little lucky for that) so maybe I should be taking solace in that…  but damn if I am not suffering from the most severe case of crippling hockey depressing.

Damn it.

The worst part of it is that there is an extra day off before game three.  We have to wait until Saturday and that blows the chunkiest of chunks.

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