Game One… Still Waiting

It’s 4:45pm Eastern time. The puck will drop for game one of the Stanley Cup Finals between the St Louis Blues and the Mighty, Majestic, Hockey-Gods-Approved Boston Bruins at 8:23pm. Less than four hours to go.

In the meantime, I have a band practice tonight from 5:30-7:30. It’s the first practice in a very long time. I’m bringing my MacBook Pro so I can record us, as I often like to do. I’m also bringing my stay-at-home pedal board because I want to play my Les Paul through my Klon KTR into my 18 and 30 watt Fender Bassbreaker. I also plan to pick up some Japanese take out for dinner for me and the love of my life. I will make it home in plenty of time to see the puck drop, but even if I don’t I’ll have 98.5 The Sports Hub on the radio so I won’t miss anything.

I also bought a new laptop today. A Lenovo something or other. I am a Mac guy all the way, but my job is Windows all the way so I like to have a work-only machine for telecommute days. I used to have a Surface 2 laptop, which I quite liked, but it died out of the blue the other day so I replaced it this morning. I’m typing on the new laptop right now. You are fascinated, aren’t you.

I’ve got eight minute to go before I have to leave for band practice. I’m going to go fill up my water bottle, grab some ear plugs, and load up the car.

Until we speak again…


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