2019 NHL Playoffs – Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

In my previous NHL Playoffs prediction post I wrote this:

So my pick for the Stanley Cup Finals is Boston vs San Jose, which virtually guarantees a rematch of the 1970 Cup Finals between Boston and St Louis.

Actually, there was a typo in St Louis, but otherwise that is what I wrote.

It’s almost like I knew what I was talking about.

I was right on one out of two picks in the Conference Finals.  Let us quickly recap…

Boston vs Carolina: Yes, I am a Bruins fan.  Yes, I always pick the Bruins.  Yes, I fully 100% expected the Bruins to win this series.  Yes, I was correct in my pick.  What I didn’t expect was for the Hurricanes to roll over and die the way they did.  Sure, the Bruins were the better team and Sure, the ‘Canes never really had a chance, but a sweep?  No, I thought the Whale would steal at least a game or two.  Bruins in six, that was what I expected.  Bruins in four… surprising, but I’ll take it… and I loved every second of it!

San Jose vs St Louis: I picked the Sharks.  You know what happens when you pick the Sharks?  They lose!  Someday I’ll learn.  I have to say though that I am kinda relieved.  If the Bruins were not in the picture I would have gone into round 3 firmly on board the Joe Thornton Needs to Win a Cup bandwagon.  With the Bruins in play though, I would have had to root against Jumbo Joe, and I really don’t want to do that.  I know he’s a nearly 40 year old, part Cali surfer dude, part old man on the mountain looking guy, but if he wanted to spend his final NHL days on the fourth line in Boston… I’d be okay with it.

So my prediction record rockets up to 5 out of 14 for a winning percentage of 35.7%.  Probably my worst playoffs ever.  It doesn’t matter though.  Why?  Because…

Stanley Cup Finals:

Boston Bruins vs St Louis Blues:
Oh my sweet readers and only friends, it is a rematch of the 1970 Cup Finals.  The first of two Cups for the greatest player of all time, Bobby Orr.  The first Bruins Cup since like 1774 or something like that.  The Cup that cemented the legends.  The Cup that gave us the greatest photograph in NHL photograph history:

It was the first and only time the Blues made it to the finals, and it was only their… third season as a franchise?  Something like that?  The Bruins smoked them in four games, though game four went to overtime and ended almost immediately with Robert Gordon Orr flying through the air.

Yes, 1970 has no bearing on 2019, and the Blues were fantastic down the stretch.  They deserve their crack at the Cup. They’ve earned it.  They have all the mojo in the world…

But they are still losing.  I’m picking my Bruins, babie!  Bring on the Cup!!  The Red Sox won it all in October.  The Patriots won it all in February.  It’s the Bruins turn!  Get the duck boats ready!

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