2019 NHL Playoffs – Conference Finals Predictions

I did much better in round two than in round one.  Much better indeed.  After going a pathetic 1 and 7 in the quarterfinals I went 3 and 1 in the semis.  Here’s the breakdown…

In the East…

Boston vs Columbus: As I said last time, I don’t care if I get every series wrong as long as the Bruins advance.  The one series I got right in the first round was the Bruins.  Now in round two?  Right again.  It was a tough six games, but the better team won.  I picked the Bruins and I was right.

Islanders vs Carolina: I have hated the Whalers since the day I was born.  Or they were born.  Whichever came first.  Maybe I’ve hated them since they merged the leagues and they joined the NHL.  Yeah, that sounds right.  While it’s true I’ve always hated both the Whale and their progeny the Hurricanes, I don’t hate them as much as I hate New York teams.  All New York teams.  The Islanders aren’t the Rangers, but they are still New York.  I picked the Hurricanes and I was right.

In the West…

St Lous vs Dallas: Knowing absolutely nothing about both teams, I picked the Blues in seven games and wouldn’t you just know it?  I was right on both counts!

San Jose vs Colorado: Never pick the Sharks, he said.  The Sharks will always lose when you pick them, he said.  Well I guess that means they will always win when you don’t pick them because this is two rounds in a row where I bet against them and lost.

So that is a 3/4 in round two and a 4/12 overall.  Still pretty garbage, but better than it was.  Much better than it was.  How about round three?

In the East…

Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes:
It’s smooth sailing straight to the Cup for the Big Bad Bruins!  He said that with confidence he doesn’t feel.  I didn’t think we had a shot at the Conference Finals this year because I thought we’d have to play Tampa Bay in the second round.  We didn’t, so we do!  The Hurricanes feel like they are over reaching right now, but they’ve beaten two good teams.  It’s not going to be easy, but the Bruins will advance!

In the West…

San Jose Sharks vs St Louis Blues:
I can’t break my Sharks rule, can I?  I would never do that, would I?  Well, Joe Thornton plays for the Sharks and Joe has never won a Cup.  Is this the year Joe gets his turn?  I can’t pick the Sharks though because the Sharks always lose when I pick them!  Should I pick the Blues and then root for the Sharks?  No, I have to be true to myself.  I’m picking the Sharks.  Granted even if they win this round they are going to lose in the next round to the Mighty Boston Bruins.  Still, I pick the Sharks.

So my pick for the Stanley Cup Finals is Boston vs San Jose, which virtually guarantees a rematch of the 1970 Cup Finals between Boston and St Lous.

The Bruins play tonight!  Let’s hurry it up and drop that puck!

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