Facebook Live

Last night, just before we all left home for band practice, Kevin the drummer asked us if we had any objections to broadcasting the rehearsal over Facebook Live.  His son’s band had recently done it and it seemed like a fun experience.  We were all game so just before we started playing Kevin propped his phone up on the couch next to his drums and kicked things off.  I enjoyed it, mostly because I was off camera for almost the whole thing.

Kevin was able to get a post up on our Facebook page before we started so there was a handful of people who were able to join in.  Maybe if we do it again we could give a little more notice and share it on more social media outlets.  Then again, maybe not.

The performance isn’t great.  We hadn’t practiced in a couple of weeks and there was a lot of rust.  Personally, I was having finger join issues and couldn’t really do much.  I need to do a better job warming up ahead of time.

Anyway, thanks to a Google Chrome plug in whose name I can’t remember I was able to download the video.  I uploaded it to my rarely used Vimeo account.  The file is so huge that my rarely used Vimeo account is now out of space.  Oh well.  It’s just under an hour and fifteen minutes long and it’s goofy, but it’s kinda fun.


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