Band Practice


Last night was the first real band practice in months and it didn’t suck. We weren’t good, but it didn’t suck nearly as bad as it should have. Now we just need to book a gig!

Last week’s episode of That Pedal Show was a pretty deep dive into Uni-Vibe style pedals. As a result, I played the crap out of my MXR Uni-Vibe pedal. I usually use that pedal very sparingly, but last night I had it on for 4-5 songs. I liked it. More than I thought I would. Thanks, That Pedal Show!

I played the new Gibson SG through the new Fender Bassbreaker (when I say new, I mean new last May) and they sounded really great. Mike’s new bass sounded great too. The vocals sounded great through the new PA. Damn, we need a gig.

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