The Year in Flickr

One photo a month from my Flickr account. 2018 in review. I don’t think I remember taking all of these.

January: This one made explore. Watch as I pat myself on the back

February: This is from an unplanned trip to Foxwoods that turned into an unplanned trip to New York.

March: The Mighty Spicket River.

April: Lizardfish pre-show. Line check complete.

May: Day trip up to Portsmouth, NH.
2018-05-26 - Portsmouth

June: The Nevins Library in Methuen.

July: The wizarding world thought they could stay hidden from us Muggles. No way.

August: New strings on the new guitar.
New strings on the new guitar.

September: Visiting my wife’s old school in Plymouth, NH.

October: Worshiping my lord and master, the great Mouse.

November: In Manassas, VA at the site of the Battle of Bull Run. Note that I did not refer to it as the battle of Manassas.

December: Holiday sight seeing in New York.

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