Musical Furniture

We have no money left.  None.  After turning our garage into a bed/bath, refurnishing our office and both kids’ room, Christmas, and the impending start of college and college tuition bills, we are broke.  The savings is down to the dregs, the vacation for this summer is already paid for, but there’s nothing left for things like dining out (which we LOVE to do) or buying toys.  Toys for me being guitar gear, and for my wife being computer gear.

That being said, we can still fantasize about buying goofy shit, right?

Before we redesigned our living room, I had a small guitar amp sitting off to the side.  One night when no one else was home I put it there to do some recording and when I was done I just left it there.  I started thinking that it would be cool to have an amp there, just in case my step son or I decided we needed to play a little and didn’t want to go hide somewhere.  My beloved wife did not, however, agree with this philosophy and back to the cellar the amp went.

But what if we had something that just looked cool on it’s own and also tied in to our shared love of all things Beatles?

WANT WANT WANT!  Just put it in the living room as if it were a little piece of cool looking furniture.  It’s like a knick knack!  Yes!

If we ever have money again, I’m gettin’ one!


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