Going Forward

We started with a garage. Now we have a new master bedroom suite. The plan going forward is to move my step son out of the small bedroom into our old bedroom, and then my wife and I will move our desks from the living room to the small bedroom and make it our office.

As of last night we are all moved into our new bedroom. As of 10 minutes ago our old bedroom is completely empty. On Wednesday we are having someone who isn’t me come in and paint it to a color my step son chose. Then next weekend we move all of his stuff into our old/his new room. Then at some point after that the painter comes back and paints his old room/our new office. After that we head to IKEA to get both kids some new bedroom furniture. IKEA is their choice. Then the painter comes back again (hopefully, we haven’t actually booked this yet) and paints my step daughter’s room.

We get a new bedroom and a new office, one kid gets a new bedroom, both kids get new beds and fresh paint, and all of us reclaim a ton of space in the living room. I think I want to get a comfy recliner to celebrate.

Oh yeah, there is a Thanksgiving and a Christmas and a weekend in New York thrown in there for good measure.

It has already been a crazy couple of months, and the crazy is going to keep up for a couple more months. Totally worth it.

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