It’s Friday October 5, 2018.  It’s 20 minutes to seven in the morning and it’s 54 degrees out.  I. Hate. Winter.

It’s also my sister’s birthday.  Wish her a happy birthday.  It’s a milestone year for her.  I’m not going to say which milestone because I’m going to hit the same milestone in three years and I. Don’t. Wanna.  The only negative to her reaching big numbers is that I reach them next.  Yikes!

I had a stressful day at work yesterday.  Here’s hoping I have a less stressful day today.  Fingers crossed.

The Red Sox are in the playoffs and their division round opponent is the Yankees.  Game one is tonight.  The pitching matchup is Sale vs Happ.  We have the edge in this one, assuming Sale doesn’t have a Price-like aversion to post season pitching.  We’ll probably know by the end of the first inning.  This is the fourth time the Heroic Red Sox have met the evil Yankees in the post season.  The Yankees won the first two meetings, but we won the historic, life altering, super amazing series in 2004.  Here’s hoping we can win this one with slightly less drama.  Go Red Sox!  Game time is 7:32pm on TBS, which means the first pitch will probably be somewhere around 9:45pm.  I hate national coverage.  Oh well.

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