September Brings Big Things

It’s Labor Day weekend. The unofficial end of Summer. Damn it. I love Summer. It is the only season I love from beginning to end. It is the only season I wish would last the whole year. Now it’s ending and I am wicked pissed. The only good thing about the end of Summer is the start of the hockey season. Everything else can KISS MY PASTY WHITE ASS!

This year though, we have some big, big plans for September. First and foremost, we are having some renovations done on the house. We are hoping to turn our garage into a master suite. The plans aren’t final yet but we have a contractor who so far is doing right by us. We are excited and nervous and I still have a lot of stuff to move out of the garage. We’re not sure when work will start but it could be very soon.

The second thing is not as huge a project but makes me feel like less of a hypocrite. We have two cars. One is a 2011 with 152,000 miles on it. The other is a 2013 with 108,000 miles on it. The 2013 is earmarked to be my step son’s first car once he gets his license. The 2011 has already been traded in for a new car. We’re picking it up on Tuesday. The best news, it’s a hybrid. Finally. I’ve been waving this hippie flag since the early 1980’s and I am finally doing something about my carbon footprint.

I’m also going to try and get back on the music recording wagon but we’ll see how that goes. I’ve been saying it for three years after all. I’m going to start with this song by replacing all of the guitars, all of the vocals, reprogramming all of the drums and bass, and changing the tempo and maybe changing the key. I think the electric piano might be a keeper though.



In closing, this is a picture i took of a light in a tree last night because I guess I just want a picture of something.  Happy cleaning the garage, folks!


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