Pedal Fail

Last year I bought a guitar pedal.  Right, I bought 10000 pedals, but I’m talking about one specific pedal.  A really great clone of a Sovtek Big Muff Pedal.  Aces.  Mostly.  There were a couple of things about it that were a bit of a let down, but overall?  Aces.

Then a couple of months ago, the company that made my Ace pedal announced that they were making a Super version of it.  It would fix the flaws, add some new features, and have a second pedal built into it.  Oh hell yes.  They set up pre-orders and I pre-ordered.

They were supposed to start shipping on June 1st.  On June 11th I finally got a shipping notification.  Yesterday I checked the tracking number and it said the expected delivery date was today!  Yes!  Russian Fuzzy Goodness!

Then when I woke up this morning I had an email.  Turns out the Russian Fuzzy Goodness that I was going to get in the mail today is defective and has to be returned to be fixed.  Sonofa…. There are two toggle switches.  Switch A is wired to switch B and vice versa.  They need to be rewired so that they switch the right thing.

The pedal came in the mail today.  I am not even going to open the envelope it came in.  I’m just going to print out the return label they sent me today and I am going to mail it back.  I am so sad.


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