Still, Still Safe

I ended up going to three Guitar shops today. Only the first one came close to taking my money. They had a used Gibson SG Standard selling for the maximum amount I was willing to spend. It was black though, and if I were to get an SG I would want it to be red. That’s how I talked myself out of shelling out the dough.

That was also the store where I dropped off my ES-335. I just want to see about getting the pots and the pickup switch cleaned, and if need be re-soldered. I also asked them to look at the neck to see if it was going to hold or not. It’s pulling away from the body slowly. I haven’t noticed any movement in years, but it might be a matter of time. The guy working the repair desk said sometimes they have trouble working on semi-hollow guitars because the guts are hard to get to. He also said that his boss usually handles any older guitars (mine is pushing 40), but his boss was out sick. It might be a while before I hear back.

That also means that at some point in the near future I will be returning to that shop, and I doubt I’ll be able to stop myself if that certain black Gibson SG Standard is still for sale.

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