New Pedal Day

I bought another overdrive pedal because I am freakin’ nuts, ya know?


I haven’t spent much time with it, but so far it’s living up to all the Keeley hype.

As for my first stack, I bought the Fender BB-112 cabinet because it is supposed to be built for the 15 watt Bassbreaker amp I have in the cellar, and because I needed a speaker, any speaker, to use with the little tiny nutube-y Vox MV50. Today was the first time I played through that amp without headphones. What do I think?

Shockingly loud. Holy crap! I had to switch on the 1/100th power attenuator so that I could run it at full blast and yes, it has some pretty sweet tube-sounding overdrive.

So far, so good. Very pleased.


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