Clapton Guitars

I just mentioned in the last post that I play three different guitars that were all regularly played at one point or another by Eric Clapton.

My #1 guitar is a Gibson Les Paul:

My #2 guitar is a Gibson ES-335:

My #3 guitar is a Fender Stratocaster:

There are two guitars on my Gear Acquisition Syndrome “I Want” list.  One is a Gibson SG:

The other is a Gibson Firebird:

There are other guitars too.  The Eric Clapton Signature Fender Stratocaster is considered by many folks to be the best Strat Fender makes.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I’d love one.  There’s the black Strat that he played through the seventies into the early eighties.  He sold that one, and pretty much everything else he still had, in the big Crossroads rehab center auctions.  There are a couple of other Les Pauls that show up through the 60’s into the early 70’s.  There’s also the Gibson Byrdland he played at George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh though I am pretty sure that was a rental and not something he owned.  Who knows.

The real question here is… is my next guitar an SG or a Firebird?

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