A Limitation of GarageBand

I did some recording today.  I used the cabinet simulation on both my Fender Bassbreaker and Vox MV50 amps.  I also used my A/B/Y switch to run both amps at the same time.  It was awesome.  Not as awesome as it would have been if I had been running the amps through actual speakers, but it was still awesome.

Unfortunately, it exposed a limitation of the mighty GarageBand.  I put the output of the Fender into a track of it’s own.  I then put the output of the Vox into a separate track.  That’s when I realized something I kind of already knew… you can only record on one track at a time.  I have recorded in stereo before but I did it on one stereo track.  Given the way the setup works, I should have known that I couldn’t record on two tracks at once.

That means if I want to record band practices with each mic on a separate track… I have to spend $200 to get Logic Pro.


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