Band Practice Tonight

I just made a command decision.  I am keeping the stay at home pedal board at Mike the Bass Player’s house until the RPM Challenge is over.  The gig pedal board will be used for the recording.  I will take the as-yet-untested Vox Wah pedal with me tonight and that will get me through February band practices.  The Wren and Cuff Russian Big Muff clone and the Keeley D&M Drive will be my RPM Challenge dirt pedals this year and it will be majestic.  The amps will be my 15 watt Fender Bassbreaker and (I just ordered this one yesterday) one of those tiny Vox MV50’s with the NuTube pre-amp stage that I am currently obsessed with even though I am almost positive that it’s just a gimmick.

One thing that won’t be appearing on my RPM project this year is an Electro Harmonix reissued Op Amp Big Muff pedal.  It’s on back order at musiciansfriend.  The shipping date was early February when I ordered it.  It’s now February 27th.  Thanks for nothing.

Now if I can just manage to not fall asleep during practice tonight… That’s a tall order, kids.

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