The RPM Challenge is just a couple of weeks away. I plan on setting up the stay at home pedal board and recording all of the guitars through it. I still need to get a wah wah pedal to complete the board. I will probably just get another standard cry baby. Nothing fancy like the Fulltone Clyde Deluxe on the band board.

That was the plan at least. Then the god damned Electro Harmonix folks had to announce they were reissuing an Op Amp version of the Big Muff Pi pedal. I had no interest in getting one before. I was all about the Triangle muffs and the Russian muffs. I didn’t have a desire to go for a V4, IC, or Op Amp muff (three names for the same circuit… in case you were wondering).

Then I saw the Billy Corgan video. I still didn’t want one, but I kinda wanted one. I mean, the Op Amp muff is the key to the gigantic mega massively huge amazing guitar sounds on the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream album. One of my favorite albums ever, and one of the best guitar tones ever.

I would never use an Op Amp muff with the band. I’m pretty sure I am Russian muffs or bust on the band pedal board. But throwing some Op Amp muff on an RPM song or two? Maybe quadruple tracking guitar parts and going for a nice monstrous Pumpkinsy sound?

Musiciansfirend is out of them. Guitarcenter.com is out of them. Sweetwater is out of them.

It is literally gear acquisition syndrome torture. Literally!

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