The snowbank at the end of the driveway was close to three feet high.  I shoveled it.  Cleared it all.  All gone.  There was still snow on the road though.  I knew I was going to have to redo some of it.  Just as my step son and I were finishing the last few shovels full of snow on the driveway itself, the plow came back and dumped a ton of snow on us.  Jerk.  We immediately started shoveling.  We got about a quarter of the way through it when the same plow decided to start the road all over again.  About 15 minutes later he dumped another couple of feet on our driveway.  I honestly think he was just dicking with us.  I think he did it to be an asshole.  The road was done.  It was clearer than it had been for the whole nearly two weeks after the Christmas snow.  Nope, he had to take down the snowbanks and screw up the entire road again, and my driveway.  What an asshole.

Hopefully I am dead wrong about all of this and I’m just royally pissed off… but I am so pissed off.


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