Note to Self

This post is just for me.  You can ignore it.  I just want a record of something that I’m working on.  Kind of a New Year’s resolution that I started a few weeks early.

I had a 20oz bottle of coke on the morning of 12/18.  After it was gone I decided to stop drinking coke.  The decision was made at about noon, maybe an hour before lunch.

I cheated a little on 12/30 by having a 12oz can of coke at a New Year’s party.  I wasn’t craving it or anything.  It was handed to me and I didn’t want to be a dick and turn it down so I kept it.  As soon as it was finished I was back on the wagon again.

I did not weigh myself on 12/18 or anything like that.  Think of it more as a lifestyle thing than a weight loss thing.

I marked both of these dates on my calendar too.  I just want to try and keep track of how well I keep up with the attempt this time.  Just a little self motivation tactic that probably won’t help at all.

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