The Punisher

I’ve been watching The Punisher on Netflix.  It’s good but… wow.  Just… wow.

Earlier today I watched episode 12.  After the last few minutes I said to myself, “this is the most brutally violent thing I have ever watched on a television show.  This is more ferociously violent than most of the most violent movies I’ve ever seen.  This is painfully difficult to watch.”

Now I’m down to the last 10 minutes of the season finale, episode 13.  Episode 12 is like Candyland in comparison.  Episode 12 is like a sunny Summer Saturday afternoon on the beach compared to episode 13.

The show is really good.  It’s so well done… but I am never going to recommend either of my step kids ever watch it.  I love scary movies.  I love violent movies.  I love my share of gore… but I expect nightmares tonight.

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