I am the Biggest Loser in the History of Loserdom: Update

Yeah, I did it.  I surpassed the former biggest loser in the history of loserdom and have claimed the throne as the biggest loser in the history of loserdom.

Since getting home from work last night I have managed to catch up on four television shows.  The Flash, Supergirl, Star Wars Rebels, and South Park.

I told you.  I’m the biggest loser in the history of all known loserdom.  I wrote the book on being a loser.

I also need to say that I think season 3, episode 3 of Supergirl, titled “Far from the Tree” just might be the worst hour of television I have ever experienced.  It took me three tries to get through it all.  The wedding stuff was okay (suck it, bigoted dad!) but all of the stuff on Mars was beyond atrocious.  I mean, the acting was horrendous, the special effects were bad to the point of being ridiculous.  Did you see the scene with Martian Manhunter’s father talking to his grandkids?  They couldn’t get the CGI worked out so that he was actually looking at the kids he was talking to.  What about when Supergirl jump punched the White Martian guy.  You could literally drive a truck through the gap between her fist and the guy she was punching.  It was beyond awful.  And the Britney Spears joke was the worst thing ever and it just… kept… going!  I was yelling at the TV, “Make it stop!  Supergirl, please make it stop!”  but she didn’t make it stop.  It just kept going, and going, and going.  I get it.  She’s blonde.  So effin’ what!!!  Oh the pain and suffering.  I have generally liked that show quite a bit, but this episode was so bad I am questioning whether I want to expose myself to episode four.  I don’t know what to do.

South Park was funny though.  The Halloween episode always is.

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