NHL Surprises

I only managed to watch a few minutes of Thursday’s season opener for the Boston Bruins.  I watched just enough of the third period to have to be afraid that they were going to blow a 5-2 lead in the final minutes.  You know, like you do.

Apart from the glory of the Bruins and their 1-0 record, there are a couple of things that stand out as noteworthy here in the early days of the 2017-18 season.

First, the Las Vegas Golden Knights (the league actually refers to them as the Vegas Golden Knights on nhl.com.  Why is that?  What did the “Las” do to offend the league? Is it a Spanish thing?  Is it a Trumpish thing?) are undefeated, babie!  Two road games into their inaugural season and they are 2-0.  How is that for a feel good story?  The plucky underdogs from the gambling capital of the United States have come from nowhere (literally.  They didn’t exist last year) to have the best start to a season in franchise history (get it?).  Go get ’em, Golden Knights!  Maybe if you make the playoffs as an expansion team your ownership will let you change your team’s name to something that isn’t wicked stupid!

I might start referring to the Golden Knights as the Golden Seals.  Just for fun.  White skates anyone?

The other thing that is surprising here in the early going is Alex Freakin’ Ovechkin.  What the hell is up with this guy?  Did someone say something to piss him off?  Did someone in the league offices do something to make him really want to burn down the entire NHL? Maybe something like taking the Olympics away from him?

In the season opener for the Capitals, Ovechkin scored three goals.  Nice.  A hat trick to kick things off.  Cool.  Then in the second game of the season he scored four goals.  Do we have a cool nick name for a four goal night?  A hat trick with one to grown on?  No, that’s stupid.  Whatever, the friggin’ guy scored four times and now we’re two games into the season and he already has seven goals.  He’s on a pace to score 287 goals.  Should we logically expect five goals from him in game three?

I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but doesn’t it seem like Ovechkin was able to get into the settings for NHL 2018 and lower the difficulty from Pro to Rookie?  Not for the whole league mind you, just for him.  Russian hacking perhaps?  We may never know the truth.

Go Bruins.

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