One Year Ago Today

If I did my math correctly, and if my memory is correct, today is the one year anniversary of my wife’s company sending everyone home. I remember it being a Wednesday, and my company made the same call on Friday the 13th, so that would be today. For some reason though my brain keeps telling me it was the 9th.

It doesn’t matter, the point is that this week is the anniversary of the last week that things were open. I took a look back at what I posted to the blog on 3/11/20. Here are some highlights.

I wrote a long paragraph on why we needed to lock down. Statistics based on China told us that were were going to have more cases requiring hospital care than we had hospital beds. Shutting down would cut down on the number of cases, therefore freeing up hospital beds. It wasn’t about infringing on rights or over reacting, it was about resource management. Knowing what we know now, half of America decided to ignore that little factoid by about May. Selfish assholes. I mentioned social distance a couple of times, and always put it in quotes. I wonder when I stopped doing that. I did add this parenthetical aside following one mention though:

I fucking LOVE that term and I’ve been practicing it since I was about four years old

There was another post where I wrote about the University of Vermont telling students not to come back after spring break. They cancelled the first two days and then went full remote on the third day. Bellana was prepared for it and had everything she needed at home already. She was itching to go back though. She did. Eventually. About 10 or 11 months later.

The last post of the day was me speculating on selling my Fender Stratocaster. I had planned to bring it to Guitar Center to try trading it for an amp. I was going to go that night but decided against it, given the state of the world. I pushed it off until the weekend but the weekend never came. I wrote this line, showing the spirit of things in the early days:

This is the very definition of non-essential.  It can wait.

I am so tired of all of this. I want my world back. I want everyone safe even more though, so we stick to the lock down and wait. It’s just getting harder and harder to wait.