The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 46

Not so much a stir crazy thing, more of a crazy quarantine related factoid.

I can’t remember the exact dates, but I think I have them. On or about Wednesday March 11, 2020 I filled the gas tank in our Mazda. My memory is less clear on this, but it was either Saturday March 7, 2020 or Saturday March 14, 2020 that I filled the gas tank in our Kia.

Fast forward to Monday June 8, 2020. I filled the gas tank in the Kia. We were down to 3/16th of a tank so it was time.

There were no other fill ups for either car in the the intervening time. The Mazda still has half a tank left from the March 11th fill up.

My commute from home to the office is about 33 miles or so and usually takes an hour and a half (on average, I think) each way. My wife’s commute is less than that but she often spends an hour each way. The very concept of going three months on a single tank of gas is so far out of the realm of possibility that my mind is having a hard time processing it. I would normally go through a tank every four days in the Mazda. The Kia is a hybrid. The tank is only about 9-10 gallons, but it could usually go 5-6 days without a fill up.

The Kia went three months and the Mazda is three months and counting.

I simply cannot get over it.

Mind = Blown.