Sad Cat

They say that if you bring a cat into your house it will imprint itself onto one of the humans, assuming there are more than one, and sort of declare that human as its owner. In our house, Patches chose my beautiful wife Jen as the owner. Everywhere Jen goes, Patches wants to go too.

Jen is working right now and she’s in a meeting. Usually when we go into a meeting we close the door to whatever room we are working in. The office door is closed while my beloved does her thing.

I just walked out of the room I’m working in (Harry’s room, for now) and saw Patches sitting in the hall outside of Jen’s office door. She gave me this super pathetic sounding meow when she saw me. She is the single saddest looking cat in the entire animal kingdom right now. Poor thing.

She’ll get even around midnight tonight when Jen is asleep and she climbs up onto her head and tries to sit there for a while.

Poor, sad kitty.