I’ve Put it Off for Seven Months

I have something to do that I’ve been putting off for about seven months now. Also, given that I am at home typing this right now I suppose I am still putting it off even for a few more mintues.

My parents house needs to be cleaned out. Every few weeks since September I’ve been telling myself to go over there and at least do something. Every few weeks I ignore myself. That ends today. I want to start on the second floor. I want to sort all of the shit up there into three piles. Keep, donate somewhere, and trash. The trash pile is going to contain almost everything. I’ve got my eyes on one bedroom closet today. That’s going to be a tough spot as it’s full to bursting with random crap. The other big deal up there is the eaves, but we’ll need someone much smaller than I to handle that. There’s stuff in there dating back to my parents wedding. Who knows what secrets will be uncovered.

Okay, breakfast and morning vitamins are done, the post is written… I guess I have to go over there now.

Wish me luck.

I’m hoping I might find the t-shirt I bought at my first Rush concert in 1987. Maybe I’ll frame it and hang it in my new office down cellar. Maybe I’ll have some success with the weight loss surgery and it will actually fit again. That would be funny and virtually impossible. We’ll see.