Late Start

No car music today. Maybe tomorrow. Definitely not Saturday. Maybe Sunday. I don’t know. I wanted to do it today but I stayed in bed too late. I had enough time to shave (will wonders never cease?) but not enough to go for a musical drive before work.

Remember the early days of the pandemic lock down? That was either 19 months ago or it was 123,513,641,278,582 years ago. I’m not sure. One of those two. March 2020. I made a working from home pledge to myself that I would continue to get out of bed at the same time I would need to wake up if I still had to drive to work. In March that was probably around 6:00am. Maybe 6:15 at the latest. I would usually try to get up before 6:00 though, just to have some morning routine wiggle room.

I stuck to that pledge for a very long time, but eventually 6:00 started turning into 6:30, then 6:45. Today it was 7:10 or so. One recent morning it was something like 7:50, I think. Jen, the love of my life, likes to be punched in to work by 8:00 so I don’t see myself staying in bed much longer than her. Working from home gives you the luxury of sleeping until 8:59, rolling out of bed, and punching in by 9:00. Fortunately I haven’t gotten that bad yet.

Our return to office plan us currently looking to January. We don’t know the details yet, but come New Year I will be back in the office at least some of the time. I need to get back onto a commuting sleep schedule by then if I can. I probably won’t, but it would make life easier. I’d also be able to get out for car music and maybe even sunrise-at-the-beach photos. Don’t hold your breath though.

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