News to Me

Did you know that a UTI can cause changes in behavior under some circumstances? I had no idea. My mother was exhibiting behavior that was unnervingly reminiscent of the first time we went through this. False memories, confusion, all sorts of awful. She had a CT scan and I was stunned that it came back clean. Everything was the same as it was the last time.

Nope, it was just an infection. I wasn’t there, my brother and sister were in the parking lot talking to the doctors on the phone. Apparently when they said they wanted to admit her for the night, my mother lost her shit. She fought against it, really hard. She threatened to walk home. She could barely stand, never mind walk, but she was dead set against it. My father, my brother, and my sister all fought with her and she wasn’t having it. Eventually one of the doctors was able to talk her into it. Thankfully.

So she’s getting treatment for a UTI and a blockage and it’s awful, but hopefully she’s through it and we can get back to worrying about the actual cancer.