Chemo Day

My mother is receiving her first chemotherapy treatment in just under 10 years today. My father and my sister went with her to the appointment but they didn’t let my sister in with her. They did let my father in. That’s good, but we were really hoping COVID-19 would let them both in… even though I think we all knew that wouldn’t be the case.

She is getting a dose of Rituxin. The process is going to take four to six hours. We were really hoping it would go faster than that. She took this drug the last time she went through chemo, but she took the dose along with another drug or two she had to be checked into the hospital for the other one.

I’m trying not to worry. I’m trying not to freak out. Mostly I’m doing well with that, but my mom’s getting chemo so… you know how it is.

Fingers crossed. Let’s go, science! Kick cancer’s ass. I’m rooting for you.