Welcome to Week #4

I guess technically week #4 started for me last Friday after work. It started for my wife last Wednesday. Still, it’s the first work day for me so I’ll go with today.

The worst news from the weekend came from New Hampshire and Maine.  We’ve been reading stories online about people from out of state getting harassed in certain regions of those two states.  Harsh words being said in parking lots, rocks and bricks being thrown at cars with out of state plates.  Stuff like that.  I can pretty much guarantee that 99.9% of the stories are bullshit, and 99.9% of the remaining 0.1% are just assholes with small dicks trying to feel tough on the interwebs.  It doesn’t matter though.  I can take a hint.  You don’t want us there?  Fine.  Just don’t expect me to show up with my vacation dollars after all this is over.  You don’t want me now, then you don’t get me then.  Simple.

On the upside, the forecast is calling for a beautiful day today.  We’re hoping we can open up all the windows and air the house out.  I’ve been looking forward to that since before this all started.  We were walking around the back yard the other day and saw new buds forming on one of the trees.  Spring is here, kids.  Finally.

We’re not sure about the whole face mask thing.  Personally I think it would be a better use of our resources to give all of the face masks to all of the hospitals, but really what do I know.  We don’t have any in the house.  We’re looking for alternatives and will probably end up just chopping up some old t-shirts.  I have an order out for some bandanas from an amazon seller, but the chances of that getting delivered this week are slim.  The delivery estimate still says April 10, but I’m not banking on it.

We came up with a very goofy alternative to walking around the block.  We’ve been (kind of) speed walking through the house.  Bedroom to the kitchen to the dining room down the hall to the living room back into the dining room through the second door to the kitchen to the bedroom, count the lap, then reverse and do it again.  The mayor of Boston is not our mayor at all, but yesterday he recommended everyone wear masks any time they leave the house.  That’s more than what the Feds recommended, but it’s probably not the worst idea.  They also put a 9:00pm curfew into effect starting today.  In this neck of the woods, what ever Boston does usually filters down to the suburbs eventually so I expect Methuen to make similar recommendations soon enough.

We’re probably done going on get-out-of-the-house-but-not-the-car road trips for now.  I don’t know if we’ll walk around the neighborhood until we can figure out a face mask situation.  We’ve still managed to avoid going to any stores of late.  Jen is an instacart guru at this point.  As long as they keep picking up our orders and we keep washing everything off when they deliver it, I think we’ll be okay.

The kids don’t come back until Wednesday.  I’ll feel better about the state of the world once they are here.  Outside of that, we’re okay.  We’re stressed, and a little freaked out, and really getting tired of all of it, but otherwise we’re okay.

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One thought on “Welcome to Week #4

  1. Yeah, those face masks I bought on Amazon? Well I got an e-mail from Amazon pretty much saying the seller was nothing but a scammer, and even though we got notified that our order had shipped, that was not altogether true. Several commenters (once I clicked the link) said that not only did they not get their order, but that the company had provided a fake tracking number. I was curious so I put the tracking number I had provided into the USPS web site and by golly it’s fake. Amazon says we’ll get a refund, but only after April 22 (the scheduled “delivery date”) and I’m not all that worried about that (it’s only $10, so no huge deal) but now I have no idea where to get masks. Walgreen’s web site seemed to indicate they actually had some, but when you click on it they all say Out of Stock. I still plan on going outside for a walk when the weather’s good, but I’d feel better having a mask.

    OH P.S. I really like your comment about NH and Maine, not wanting you there now, so they won’t’ get you when it’s time to spend the tourist dollars. The best revenge is withholding the moolah!!! LOL

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