Driving Around Town

I took a leisurely drive* around the city of Methuen on this fine Sunday morning and snapped a few pics of some of the stone walls and random castle-ish looking things that are all over the place.


This one is officially my pic for the photo a day thing.

I stopped here once and took some pictures with my D90. I couldn’t find a way into the little building thingie, but it is two stories high. Why is it there?






…and of course…

*Okay, here’s the real story. My beloved wife asked me to go out and pick up some breakfast for her. I drove past some stone walls on Pond Street and thought I should snap a pic but I didn’t. I drove to the store, got into the line, got right up to the front, and realized I forgot my wallet. I had to drive home, pick up my wallet, embarrassingly laugh at my own doofusness with my wife, then drive back. On the second trip I had the camera open and ready.

One thought on “Driving Around Town

  1. Hi Rob. I’m not sure why that two-story building is there, but it looks to me like some sort of guard tower they might have used when there was an actual castle there. I bet if one of these days when you have a day off, if you went to the Methuen Public Library and showed the librarian this photo, they might know exactly what it is and what it was for. Either that, or they’ll direct you to someplace or someone who might know (like the Historical Society, for example). Just my two cents (as usual!)

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