Sleep: So So

How was last night’s sleep?  Do you care?  Well, it’s my brain and my blog and I care, so here we go.

How was it?  So so.  Less than six hours total, a little more than four hours of restful sleep.  SleepWatch says I woke up twice but I don’t remember the first one.  It says I was awake for five minutes at around 11:30 but that’s news to me.  I definitely woke up around 3:00 and was up for around half an hour.  I took off the CPAP mask at one point but I don’t think it was for long.  I’m pretty sure I had a reason to do it when I did it, but I wasn’t awake enough to know what that was.  Good news, there was none of the whistling, squeaking, gurgling, hissing I heard over the last two nights.  I didn’t change the hose or the mask harness or anything but I did keep the humidity at four, down from five when the noise started (I think the settings are 1-8 or something like that).

I’m really tired today but I think that might be a cumulative thing.  I haven’t had a particularly good night’s sleep yet this week.  Maybe tonight, but probably not.  We have a delivery truck coming tomorrow with our new washer and dryer, but that won’t be until the afternoon.  It’s still probably going to get me out of bed early.  Schedule paranoia is a real thing.

Change of Subject: I’m wrapping up my lunch break at work right now.  I’m at my desk and my window blinds are open.  It’s not happening anymore, but a few minutes ago it was snowing.  Just a tiny bit of a flurry, but definitely snow.

I hate winter.


Change of Subject: On his way out the door for school today, my step son told me that he was going to a Pete Buttigieg rally in Salem, NH tonight.  He asked if I wanted to go but I won’t be home in time.  Mayor Pete isn’t my first choice as or right now, but he waffles between my second and third choice (depending on how worried I am about Bernie Sanders’ health).  I like a lot of what he has to say.  I’m a little jealous that I don’t get to go.  At the same time I’m really happy that Harry has taken such an interest in politics.  He won’t be old enough to vote in the election next year, but he’ll be ready to go for 2024.

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  1. I don’t like Pete B. for a few reasons, one of which is that he’s 100% opposed to Medicare for All or any form on universal health insurance. Because of that, I’m also not in favor of Joe Biden. As of right now, my pick(s) of candidates are: 1. Bernie Sanders (but I too worry about his health); 2. Elizabeth Warren; and 3. Any candidate whom I suspect can be Don the Con in 2020. If the nominee happens to be Mayor Pete, then he’s got my vote regardless of how I feel about his stand on health and several other issues.

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