Weekend Plans

As I sit here wrapping up my lunch break, I am half a work day away from Labor Day weekend.  The symbolic end of Summer.  The worst three day weekend of the year.

I don’t hate Fall.  I just love Summer and hate how Falls turns into Winter long before Winter actually begins.  Everything dies during Fall.  I prefer it when everything is alive and vibrant like in late Spring and Summer.  Oh well.

I don’t have any actual plans for Labor Day weekend.  I was hoping for a band practice, but that’s out.  I have to get the car looked at.  The Kia had a windshield replacement a couple of weeks ago, and since then the windshield washer hasn’t worked.  I have an appointment for that tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping for some sunrise pictures tomorrow too, but I say that literally every weekend and haven’t actually done it in years.

Harry is working a lot, and Jen plans to work while he’s working.  Maybe I can sneak in some guitar playing while they toil away.  I have a new USB interface I want to play with.  Maybe some recording is in order?  Maybe plug in that attenuator and dime that Deluxe Reverb and get some of that sweet, sweet, tube overdrive onto tape?

Last night Harry asked us if we could go to a driving range.  He’s got a little taste of the golf bug.  I think it’s been 20 years since I’ve played, but we went.  I don’t know how to teach him the right way to swing a club.  I can tell when it’s not right, but I can’t fix what’s wrong.  Maybe lessons are in his future?  I suspect he might want to go again this weekend.  I wonder where my clubs are?  They used to be in the cellar at my parents house.  They could still be there, or they could have been thrown out or given away.  I haven’t a clue.

We had something awesome happen today.  Bellana sent us a text with a copy of her schedule.  She’s taking a choir class!  I was so hoping she’d be able to join a choir or a theater group or something.  Just keep singing, Bellana!  I am really pleased about this.  She said recital would probably be on a weeknight.  Well, I just had an increase in my annual vacation allotment at work, coupled with a decrease in the number of hours we can hold before we stop accruing more.  That means the company has effectively told us to use our vacation time more often.  Which means a weeknight concert in Vermont is not out of the question.  Hehe, ain’t I a stinker?

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