Well That’s Not Good

I have no idea when this happened. I haven’t been out in the back yard for more than a few minutes at a time since we came back from Florida. This could have happened at any time since we left on July 11th. It also could have happened last night during the huge thunderstorm.





One huge limb on the ground at least. It looks like there might be more in the brush where I can’t really see. Two huge trees damaged. One leaning on the other, and the other one looks like it was split somehow. Almost like it was hit by lightning, but I am pretty sure that didn’t happen. It doesn’t look burned at all. Fortunately the one that fell is leaning away from the house. I think it’s okay, unless you happen to be a squirrel, frolicking in the spot where the trees come down. What fun.

One thought on “Well That’s Not Good

  1. Was that tree always almost black? If not, I’m going out on a limb (see what I did there?) and says it’s most likely a lightning hit, probably from that awful storm we had the other day around 4:00, and you probably didn’t notice it till now. You wouldn’t have heard the lightning strike if you were still at work, but trust me, when it hits a tree, it’s loud! We had a tree right across the street from us get hit by lightning several years back. Sherm & I were both looking out the picture window at the time, and what a crack! It sent wood flying everywhere and the whole tree turned black almost immediately. Hope you have good grounding at your house!! LOL

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