Happy Summer

Today is the first day of Summer!  At long last, the longest day of the year!  Praise jeebus it’s finally here!  I feel like I’ve been waiting for Summer for something like 9-10 months.  Or maybe it was 2-3 years.  Granted it’s been raining here in Eastern Massachusetts for at least the last week.  We’ve had so much rain I’ve started to build mental blocks to keep myself from thinking about it.

I’m writing this on my lunch break.  I failed to brown bag every day this week, excluding my telecommute day, and I’m pissed off at myself over it.  I haven’t been terrible at lunch, weight watchers wise, but I haven’t been terribly good either.  Chicken sandwich and fries.  Too many fries.  Too much bread.  The chicken is okay though.  This week has been pretty stressful and I am ready for it to end.  Less than four hours to go until the weekend.

Lots happening this weekend.  Tomorrow I weigh in, get fitted for a CPAP thingie, and have a game night at Larry’s.  Sunday the kids are going to their cousin’s graduation party.  I also need to cut the grass again (weather permitting), go to band practice (hopefully), and something else that I can’t remember.

The CPAP machine… I’m really hoping that does what I think it’s going to do.  It would be so nice to have a good night’s sleep followed by a day where I feel like I’ve had a good night’s sleep.  I’m pretty fed up with my snoring at 190 decibels keeping the neighborhood awake all night.  I want to be able to just lay down in bed and sleep until morning.  That would be great.  I also want the contraption to be small enough to travel with.  All four of us are going to be in the same room at Disney World.  If my snoring is at it’s usual sound pressure level, no one is going to have any fun.

Changing the subject, I haven’t run it yet but I installed the new mobile game from the company that made Pokemon Go.  It’s a similar augmented reality thing that makes you walk around and exercise, but it’s Harry Potter themed.  I would bet money it’s going to be Pokemon Go with different graphics, but it’s Harry Potter themed!  It’s called Wizards Unite.  I’m kinda looking forward to somehow suckering my family into playing it with me.  Ain’t I a stinker?  I didn’t play Pokemon Go a lot, but I did play it while standing outside of the White House once.  Yessiree, Jen and I were playing it while in Washington, DC and the area around the White House was mobbed with stuff to do.  Maybe Disney World will be mobbed too, although Universal Studies is probably the better bet, right?

Another subject change.  On July 4th the 50/90 songwriting challenge kicks off again.  How about a Twitch channel where I point my phone at my amp and broadcast while I play.  Picture it:  Rob noodles on guitar, screws up, stops playing, shouts an obscenity or two, and then tries another take.  How’s that for quality internet entertainment?

Happy First Day of Summer, Everyone!

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