18 Innings of Torture

I tried to stay awake for the whole thing, but it just wouldn’t end!

The Red Sox lost game three of the World Series this morning.  It started last night and it ended this morning.  I was watching the Fox Sports steam on my computer when the game started.  My beloved wife wasn’t feeling well so after a little while she went to bed and I moved over to the TV.  I watched the first two games on the computer so it was nice to watch on the big screen.  When the kids came home from their game night I went back to the computer.  We were down 1-0.  Almost as soon as I got the stream running Bradley tied the game with a bomb into the right field bleachers.  So while sitting at the computer, they won two games.  While watching the TV they never scored a run.  Guess where I’m watching game four.

When extra innings came along I valiantly tried to keep watching, but by around midnight I was running dangerously low on gas.  I took my phone and my Air Pods and listened to the WEEI radio broadcast through the MLB app and laid down to pretend to sleep.  From that point on it was sleep a few minutes, listen a few minutes, wash-rinse-repeat.

I did not hear the Red Sox score their second run.  I did hear Kinsler Buckner in a run to tie it at two and keep L.A. alive.  (note: he did not let the ball through his legs, he actually made a great stop, but he did throw the ball away when he should have just held it.  He also nearly got picked off first earlier in the game (he did get picked off first but the umps missed the call) only to then overrun third base and nearly get tagged out, and then get thrown out at home.  Bad night for Mr Kinsler).  At some point I got a low battery warning from my Air Pod.  That came about 10 seconds before the game ended.

So game four is tonight.  Will Red Sox Nation be able to stay awake for it?  More important, who the hell is going to pitch?  Pomeranz?  He and Sale are the only two pitchers who didn’t get in the game last night.  Can Price pitch again?  Eovaldi?  Dude, Eovaldi got the loss last night but he is the hero of all heroes.  He’s pitched in every game in the series and last night he pitched about 300 innings.  He’s a horse!

In summation, we aren’t sweeping the Dodgers this year.  We didn’t sweep them 102 years ago either, but that’s okay.  We’ll beat ’em in five!  Or six or seven if we have to.  I am still extremely cautiously optimistic.

Go Red Sox.  But before you play again, take a damn nap!

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