My Baby Goes Under the Knife

After seven full days of not hearing anything from guitar center, I called the repair desk today to get an update on my poor Gibson ES-335.

I brought it in to get the pots and the switches checked. Best case scenario would be that it’s just old and dirty and needs to be cleaned. Well, best case is the truth. Sigh of relief.

I also asked them to take a look at the neck to see what they thought. Gibson necks are glued into place. Back when I was in a band with Maria and Mike my Les Paul fell when my strap broke and the neck snapped away from the body. It was horrible. I took it to Tewksbury Music Center because they were an authorized Gibson Repair Shop and they stressed out mightily but ended up fixing it good as new. My poor ES-335 looks like the neck is slowly but surely pulling away from the body. It hasn’t gotten any worse over the last few years, but I wanted an expert opinion on how bad it is.

The answer? It’s bad. It’s too much for Guitar Center to deal with. They actually suggested I ship it back to Gibson to have them fix it. I’m not going to do that any time soon. Like I said, it’s not getting worse (that I can see), so I am just going to live with it for now.

Now all they have to do is actually do the work I asked them to do so that I can pick it up and have it ready for the April 28th gig.

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