Happy Birthday Jimi

Today would have been Jimi Hendrix’ 75th birthday.  Happy birthday, Jimi.  Wherever, or whatever you are.


A couple of notes about the video.  First, I have no idea what the beginning was.  Weird.  Second, Hendrix playing a Gibson guitar.  Thanks, Jim!  Third, Mitch Mitchel needed a shave.  WTF was up with that, Mitch?  Fourth, did you catch how Jimi used his volume knob to clean up his overdrive?  Sometimes it’s cool knowing a little bit of technique.  Fifth, holy microphone pop screen, batman!  It looks like he’s singing into a beach ball!  I wonder if it was a windy day.  Sixth, this was filmed on July 30, 1970.  Jimi passed away on September 18, 1970.

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