I Have a Lot Of Pedals

I swapped out the Tone Wicker Big Muff Pi for the green Bass Big Muff Pi on the little stay at home pedal board.

The Bass Muff is supposed to be a copy of the green Sovtek Big Muffs. They don’t scoop out the mid range frequencies the way the classic muffs do so they fit better into a band mix. ElectroHarmonix has just released a new copy of the Russian Muffs called the Green Russian Muff. So I guess it’s a modern Bass Muff in a new box?

Now I’m jonzing for a high end Russian clone. I bought the Wren and Cuff Tri Pi 70 and it’s the nastiest, gnarliest, meanest, most ferocious fuzz pedal ever.


Wren and Cuff’s best selling pedal is their green Russian clone, called the Tall Font Russian. I’m starting to want one. Really, really want one.

I have so much free space on my gig pedal board. I could fit, like 8 more fuzz pedals on this thing. That’s it. I’m getting a top of the line green Russian clone.

And the new EHX Green Russian too.

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