I have often said on this and many other social media services that I have been a Star Wars fanatic since the movie was released. I now have photographic proof that these statements are true.

Today is my little brother John’s 40th birthday. Let’s all take a second to wish him a happy birthday. Happy birthday, John! Now back to the story.

My sister posted a handful of pictures of my little brother when he was little, little. Including one of his first birthday party. 1978. Just over a year after the release of the original Star Wars. Let’s look at the photo, shall we?

See the red head who looks like he’s about seven years old? See how that red head is wearing a Star Wars t-shirt? I’ll give you all three guesses who that Star Wars fanatic red head is/was…

Go on. Guess…

It’s me. Photographic proof that in 1978, just over a year after the release of Star Wars, I was already a t-shirt toting fanboy. Fanatic from the beginning: Confirmed.

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